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Tarot Card Readings

A Tool for Greater Insight and Wellbeing

  • For twenty years now, I have used tarot and other oracle cards as tools for tapping into inner wisdom from Spirit.

  • My readings are NOT a form of fortune telling or any kind of prediction as to what is happening/will happen.

  • Guided by intuition, I pull cards and interpret their symbols as a means of exploring energies at play, guiding additional introspection and contemplation, and expanding perspective.  

  • I offer my card reading services to provide opportunities for further contemplation and introspection. As Joan Bunning states in her introductory book and course, Learning the Tarot: "I use the tarot because it is one of the best tools I have found to make the whispers of my Inner Guide more available consciously. The ideas, images and feelings that emerge as I work through a reading are a message from my Inner Guide." 

  • A quick introduction to the Tarot by Joan Bunning can be found here.                      

  • Readings can be done in person, over a zoom session, or conducted via email.

  • Readings focus on one topic/open-ended question at a time. The more cards we use, the deeper the dive into your topic.

  • Card reading sessions/fees are as follows:

    •  3 card spread (10-15 minute session) for $10

    • 5 card spread (20-30 minute session) for $20

    • ​10 card spread (40-50 minute session) for $50

    • Email or Customized session (1 hr) for $60

    • Follow-up written reports sent via email for an additional fee.

Tarot Card Readings: Services
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