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Tarot Testimonials: Testimonials

Kristen has done many tarot readings for me over the years. Her readings go beyond the established, accepted meanings of the cards. With her spirit and intuition, she is able to tap into and read the deeper, more subtle messages that the cards in combination with each other and as a whole are showing. She is highly sensitive and is often able to draw on what her clients are thinking and feeling and incorporate that input into the messages of the cards as well. With these sensibilities, Kristen is able to tap into and read deeper, more subtle messages of the cards. Her readings provide me new ways to think about situations and I gain greater clarity as a result of that.

Susan Bilmanis

Kristen is truly gifted. She has done numerous tarot readings for me and I always come away from them with a new perspective of the situation at hand. Her readings are thorough and even if there are things I don’t necessarily want to hear, Kristen gives it to me straight. I appreciate her humor and wit as well as her directness. Recently, Kristen has sent me written readings via email. I have used the perspectives from her readings to help make some pretty big life decisions and I have not regretted a single one. I cannot recommend her enough.  She is the real deal.

Meg Powers

Kristen's tarot readings are extremely thorough. She provides a safe and open space to receive messages Spirit has for you. Kristen is thoughtful in her delivery, educates you on the cards, and provides insight and examples as to what they may mean in your life. Her knowledge, skill, and absolute love of the art of tarot is evident in her readings and guidance. Kristen's readings are always on point! I only get my readings done with her because Kristen is an amazing human being and an exceptional reader. She is truly gifted!

Michelle Luca

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