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Spiritual Mentoring

Committed to Quality

  • I define spiritual mentoring as a professional relationship that supports spiritual health and growth. Each person’s relationship with God/Spirit/Source is uniquely their own, and like any relationship, brings its own challenges. In partnership with Spirit, the mentoring relationship attends to the mentee’s relationship with God.                                                   

  • My role as a spiritual mentor is one of companionship and guidance for the mentee in their relationship with God. Meeting mentees wherever they may be on their spiritual journey, my role is that of a supportive traveling companion. My role is to support and encourage mentees as they navigate challenges and make discoveries on their spiritual journey. Paramount to our spiritual mentorship is the mentee’s relationship with God. Therefore, the mentee is the final authority on that dimension of the work.  

  • With our focus on the spiritual life of the mentee, their responsibilities include identifying areas of contentment, growth, confusion, discomfort, or feeling stuck in his/her spiritual life/journey, approaching the work in partnership with Spirit, and noticing, reflecting upon, and responding to what is called forth.

  • As a spiritual mentor, the contributions I make are guided by Spirit as the mentee attends to their spiritual life. With compassionate care, I hold space for and bear witness to the mentee’s process of discovery and drawing closer to God. In mindful awareness I listen deeply, ask questions, and offer encouragement and ideas for further reflection. Though these contributions provide certain guidance to the spiritual mentee, I am not a mental health professional, counselor, nor member of the clergy and do not provide such counseling or treatment services.  

  • If a need for mental health treatment from a licensed professional should arise, the mentee will need to seek such treatment from another professional outside of the mentoring relationship. Depending upon the circumstances, spiritual mentoring may or may not continue while the mentee receives such treatment.                  

  • Respecting the boundaries of the spiritual mentoring relationship safeguards its integrity and professionalism. Because spiritual health is personal in nature and integral to other aspects of life, it is important for both mentor and mentee to adhere to certain boundaries in the pursuit of spiritual work. This includes keeping information confidential and maintaining an honest, professional relationship. If at any time either party becomes uncomfortable with a topic or behavior, the issue should be addressed immediately. While issues of mental health and problems in personal and professional relationships/arenas may be touched upon in the process of mentoring, such issues are not the focus of this work.        

  •  Sessions are usually scheduled for an hour at a time, once or twice a month, at an agreed upon time and location, or online via Zoom session.

  • Bringing the mentorship to a close is a part of the process of this work and usually occurs when the mentee is no longer in need of the mentor’s support. This may include the discovery of the spiritual needs of the mentee surpassing my level of knowledge or comfortability in certain areas as the mentor.

  •  My spiritual mentoring fee is $60 an hour.

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